6 Tips to Write Awesome Knowledge Base Articles

by | Jul 7, 2021 | Knowledge Base, Knowledge Management

Knowledge base articles are essential to provide helpful information about your service or product to your target audience. It can help your customers and agents to get information to answer their inquiries about your business. Additionally, it can help save customers save time since they don’t need to contact your support team and wait for a reply.     

Writing knowledge base articles can benefit both small or big companies. Thus, searching for answers online are common for customers about their needs. Meanwhile, make sure to provide professional and valuable content to meet your customers’ specific needs and expectations. A knowledge base is helpful for internal and external audiences. 

Are you not familiar with writing compelling knowledge base articles for your business? Don’t worry because this article can guide you. We will provide you six tips to write excellent knowledge base articles. So, you can produce the best results for your business. 

Knowledge Base Articles vs. Blogs 

Some people mistaken knowledge base articles for blogs. If you’re also confused about the difference between the two, read more.

Provides specific troubleshooting steps about a product 

If you find it difficult to determine between promotional brand content and knowledge base, check if it offers troubleshooting steps about a product. If you see this content, then it’s a knowledge base article. 

Knowledge base aims to help customers 

The intent is a major factor in knowing the difference between a blog and a knowledge base. The knowledge base aims to help customers find the solutions to their specific problems. On the other hand, the blog’s goal is to promote messages and ideas on behalf of your brand. 

Source: HeroThemese

It doesn’t have calls-to-action

Since the knowledge base is to help the audience solve problems, it doesn’t contain calls to action. Promotional content can be created on your blog. 

It may contain FAQ pages 

Knowledge base articles may contain FAQ pages. In addition, you may have an organized FAQ page where customers can get quick information about your product or service inquiries. 

Source: Poptin

Customer service team updates knowledge base 

The customer service team updates knowledge base articles. In addition, they may add new articles to answer customer inquiries. 

Can knowledge base help your business? 

Like blogs, knowledge base articles can also help your business. It can help increase your sales, but not for the hard sell. As you gain the trust of your visitors with your knowledge base article, you can get more potential customers that can help you increase your sales. 

Meanwhile, you can also use knowledge management software like SaaS. It is beneficial to reduce customer dependency on your customer support. With knowledge management software, you can use an integrated approach to share information with your target audience. In addition, it can provide features to meet the specific needs of your customers. 

The Tips

Let us now dive into the tips on how to write awesome knowledge base articles for your business. 

1. Always use language that even beginners can understand

One of the essential things to consider in writing a knowledge base article is to use understandable language. With this, even beginners can understand your content. In addition, it can help you to gain the trust and support of your target audience. 

Keep in mind that using a difficult-to-understand language for your knowledge base can discourage visitors from choosing your product or service. On the other hand, you can have professional content in your knowledge base articles with easy language. 

More importantly, you can deliver the right content for your customers. It can help your customers quickly understand your product or service with your understandable and professional knowledge base articles. 

2. Keep your articles easy to read and skim

Another essential tip in writing awesome knowledge base articles is to keep them easy to read and skim. It is said that people only have a short attention span. So, if they find it hard to read your content, they may be discouraged from choosing your brand. 

Therefore, always provide content that’s easy to read and skim for the convenience of your target audience. It allows them to access valuable information about your business in a hassle-free way. In addition, since your content is easy to understand and professional, you can hook your customers’ attention. 

By having an organized knowledge base article, your customers will think that you’re a credible company. As a result, you can get their trust and make your business more profitable. It can also increase your traffic which can be transformed into more customers. 

3. If you need to expound on a topic, use anchor links

If you need to expound on a topic, the best technique is to use anchor links. Those interested in a specific topic in your knowledge base articles can click the anchor links. So, they can find the information they need about your products or services. 

It can also convince your customers that you value their needs by offering valuable content. Using anchor links, the visitor can directly access information and will not depend on your customer support team. 

You can provide your target audience with a reliable and efficient source of information for their needs. With this, you may also increase the credibility of your business in your specific industry. 

4. Categorize your articles

It is also a good idea to categorize your articles so that your target audience can easily understand them. In addition, having categories can look your knowledge base articles more professional and organized. Categorizing your articles will help your audience understand every area of your business. Furthermore, it will not be confusing for them since you have more organized content. 

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It helps customers to find a specific topic about your business quickly. They can easily enter on the search bar the topic they want to know about your brand. If you want to make your knowledge base articles more engaging, always categorize your articles. 

5. Write titles that are straight to the point

Make sure to write titles that are straight to the point. By just reading the title of your knowledge base articles, your target audience will immediately understand what the content is all about. It can help your customers to find the right solutions to the information they need about your services and products. In addition, you can use catchy titles that can convince the audience to read the content of your knowledge base articles. 

By using straight-to-the-point titles, customers will automatically proceed to your content. In return, you can educate your customers about your business. The good thing about it is that you can influence their purchasing decision, especially if your content is helpful for them. 

Source: Slack Help Center

You may not know it, but it can also help rank your knowledge base articles higher on search engines. Moreover, once a customer is satisfied with your content, they may suggest it to others. So, you can have a chance to gain more potential customers for your brand. Thus, it can help to enhance your brand recognition effectively and practically. 

6. Utilize images, videos, and graphs for better clarity

Having knowledge base articles is not enough. Thus, you should provide professional and engaging content to catch the attention of your customers. One of the best techniques to make your content more interesting is to use visuals. 

You can use videos, images, and graphs for better clarity. With these tools, the customers can understand the information you provide. It can also help to retain the image of your brand to your customers. They can easily recognize what you offer to them. So, you can give a good value for their specific needs. 

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Visuals can attract visitors to choose your brand. On the other hand, plain and boring knowledge-based articles may discourage visitors from knowing more about your products or services. 

There we go, so that is the list of the tips for writing professional and quality knowledge base articles for your business. By simply applying these tips, you can create excellent content that can help you win the trust and support of your potential customers. 

Keep in mind that your knowledge base articles can also help to increase your customer base. That’s why you should strive hard to create valuable content that can meet the expectations and standards of your customers. 


To sum it up, knowledge base articles are beneficial for your business. It allows you to educate your customers about your products and services. It also helps for lead generation and increasing your traffic. With that, you can have more potential customers that will help your business’ success. 

Meanwhile, it is also essential to provide professional and valuable content to help your customers. With helpful information in your knowledge base articles, your target audience can get the answers and solutions to their specific problems. This can help you to win their trust and support and choose your brand. 

Are you ready to level up your business recognition? Then, it is time to start writing your knowledge base articles today! So, you can make your business more successful. 

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