6 Almanac Alternatives to Boost Your Team Wiki

by | Jun 10, 2022 | Knowledge Base, Knowledge Management

For the business to continue being productive and organized even when its employees are not in the same place, it has to have top-notch project management supported by great knowledge base software such as Almanac and Klutch.

These kinds of knowledge base systems make working in different locations seem just as easy and productive as if everyone was in the same room.

Communication with customers, offering them support, and obtaining valuable feedback, becomes very easy when using such apps that bring the whole team together at any given time.

Problems of great distances and different time zones become a thing of the past, to the point where many businesses will consider going fully mobile, with all employees working remotely.

If this team wiki scenario seems like it would suit your business, and even after going through various articles about knowledge base you are still wondering which app is best for you, then you are in the right place.

This review will focus on different Almanac alternatives to suit both your company profile and budget.

What is Almanac?

Almanac is a cloud-based document management platform from San Francisco, which helps businesses manage different projects remotely by using online collaborative tools to create documents accessible by all team members.

Using its advanced software systems; Almanac creates the illusion of having all team members working in the same location.

Almanac has been the go-to app in knowledge base systems for quite some time now, but we’ll take a look at other great alternatives worth considering.

1. Klutch

To kick start our list, we’ll look at Klutch, a knowledge base software system that is rapidly gaining popularity among highly mobile companies around the world. Ranked as Product Hunt’s #1 product of the day, Klutch is an easy-to-use app that allows you to keep your entire team on the same page while at the same time documenting your company’s valuable information.

Klutch knowledge base software and canned responses

The wide ranges of tools that are offered by this versatile app make it one of the top contenders for a great Almanac alternative. Klutch will significantly cut down on the time usually wasted by team members, by going back and forth trying to communicate with each other and juggling over important team records, files, and canned responses

Klutch has a Chrome and Edge extensions that allows users to copy and paste canned responses even while browsing or using live chat app. This prevents you from manually typing repetitive answers to repetitive inquiries.

Klutch knowledge base chrome and edge extensions

One aspect that truly sets Klutch apart is that it was specifically designed with teams and employees in mind.

The user interface, for example, is geared towards creating the best user experience possible for employees, ensuring they can create, share, and retrieve company pages and canned responses smoothly. HR managers can even use the Klutch knowledge base for faster onboarding.

Real-time collaboration between teams means that they can quickly share ideas and lend each other a helping hand whenever needed.

Klutch offers a variety of premade templates for different use cases

Klutch offers a variety of premade templates for different use cases


  • Very affordable even for startup companies
  • Top tier user interface for easy use
  • Quick and responsive real-time collaboration between team members
  • Great mobile version especially considering the price range
  • Easy to personalize and customize to company standards


  • Relatively new on the market so still has a bit more to improve on

Pricing: From $5 per month

Best for: All companies

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2. Nuclino

Nuclino is one of the most well-known knowledge base systems on the market. It is a cloud-based team collaboration tool that allows team members to share information in real-time, from different locations. This software system is quite easy to use and includes great features like visual editors and third-party integration software.

nuclino knowledge base system

To start-up companies that are anticipating future growth and an influx of a large amount of valuable data, Nuclino offers a great way to manage company documentation, and build the knowledge base securely and conveniently.

Data can be easily collected, stored, and segregated accordingly which makes it easy for all team members to gain access to vital information at a moment’s notice.


  • Very affordable considering all the great features it has to offer
  • Easy to configure and setup the software system
  • Team onboarding of new members is very quick and easy
  • A good mobile app compared to other similar software systems


  • Only works online
  • The software integration was not easy and can definitely be improved

Pricing: From $5 per month

Best for: All companies

3. GetGuru

If there ever was a knowledge base software system designed to seamlessly integrate with your company software, slack, and Google Chrome, and immediately bring that much-needed organization, it is GetGuru. It keeps all important documents on track and makes sure that all company information is up to date.

getguru knowledge base system

With GetGuru, companies can assign administrators who have the access to see what other team members are up to and using this broader picture, they can better organize every member to work towards a single purpose. It is available in various formats such as browser extensions or slack bot. 


  • Easy to use, from start-up and on-boarding to information searching and knowledge base creation
  • Keeps all content looking fresh and modern
  • Has a great free trial version with most of the features available


  • Poor editor and formatting tools were a major letdown
  • No Mobile version at this point

Pricing: $6 per month

Best for: Established fully remote companies

4. Tettra

Tettra allows users to streamline their productivity by collecting all the valuable company information from various team members and bringing it all to one place. This app is so well developed that such organizational tasks are managed effortlessly. Even the setup process is easily completed in a few simple steps.

Various team members can be assigned to manage different aspects of the same project according to their knowledge and experience, which makes it easy to form a collective effort when dealing with difficult and wide-ranging issues.


  • Free trial version for those undecided about the platform
  • The setup process can be completed in a few easy steps
  • Great user interface


  • Needs more diversity to be differentiated from Google docs

Pricing: $6 per month

Best for: Small businesses with a limited budget

5. Atlassian

Atlassian is a software company that makes great knowledge base software such as Jira, Trello, and Confluence.

Thanks to the dedication and knowledge of the development team at Atlassian, any of these three software systems would make a worthy Almanac alternative.

Atlassian knowledge base

The easy-to-use, highly customizable interface is a big hit among start-up companies wishing to tailor their knowledge base systems to the general design of the company.

Another useful feature is the ability of users to create roadmaps as they plan out how they will tackle a project. All team members have access to this roadmap, meaning that everyone knows exactly what they are supposed to be doing at all times.


  • On-boarding of new team members is quick and easy
  • Great software interface for that price
  • Good customization and integration with company systems


  • Poor notification system
  • Not easy to learn how to navigate the platform

Pricing: $7 per month

Best for: All companies

6. Typedesk

Typedesk is a knowledge base app that aims to improve customer service by giving team members the ability to create, manage, and translate responses quickly and efficiently.

If you are looking for a software system that will not take over your entire business model and image, then Typedesk is the right tool for you.


With a load of great features available, organizing, storing, and accessing important information is made very easy, even for team members who are new to the platform. Typedesk is particularly good at managing customer support, and when used correctly, has the potential to improve a company’s reputation immensely.


  • Great customer services capabilities
  • Easy to formulate responses on multiple queries simultaneously
  • A simple setup process that takes very little time to complete


  • Poor formatting capabilities
  • The collaboration tools need a lot more improvement
  • Not easy to install software updates, especially for new users

Pricing: $5 per month

Best for: All companies

Final Word

Whether it was forced upon us by global events and  pandemics, or whether it is simply the natural evolution of the way we do business, there is no denying that things are changing very quickly and it is best to be prepared to adapt. Knowledge base software systems such as Klutch are quickly becoming more and more important as businesses move towards remote working systems.

There are a lot of alternative apps to choose from out there, but for companies hoping to streamline their knowledge base articles and content, without having to change the very essence of their business model, then Klutch is the best solution.

Its list of features will be beneficial to any business it is integrated with, and the easy-to-use interface makes the whole experience quite enjoyable.

If you have not added Klutch to your business already, then what are you waiting for?

Go now, to the Klutch website and complete the registration form on the platform. 

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