10 Best Canned Response Chrome Extensions For Your Team

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The backbone of business these days is customer service: the way a company responds to its clients has never been as important as it is today. Large corporations have been known to invest millions into researching how best to improve customer service.

Chief among all the various ways to make communication with customers easier is the use of a canned response. This great knowledge base tool has changed the way businesses interact and respond to queries on their online platforms.

In this review, we will discover the best canned response on chrome.

What is a Canned Response?

When dealing with a lot of customers who expect quick and accurate responses to their queries, canned responses can be the best tool in a business representative’s arsenal.

The basic definition of a canned response is a list of carefully selected predefined answers and messages to the most frequent inquiries that are directly related to a business’ customer support, sales, or marketing.

Canned responses offer an effective way to improve knowledge management while making life easier for both the customer and the employee. The correct use of canned responses normally results in a direct increase in customer satisfaction. 

A business that knows how to incorporate canned responses into the way they handle issues that arise with customers, is usually perceived as being caring and attentive to customer needs.

In fact, a recent survey suggested that 92% of customers feel very satisfied after using live chat features such as canned responses.

Of these, 51% said they prefer this type of interaction more than any other means of communication regularly used by businesses. 

How Do Canned Responses Work?

Since canned responses are predetermined answers, they require that businesses anticipate the questions beforehand. One way of doing this is by keeping accurate records of all the questions that are asked daily. Doing so will allow the business to generate a clear picture of what kind of information their customers require.

Another way is to look at the frequently asked questions about issues within the same field.

Google is a great tool for this because it regularly updates the lists of frequently asked questions based on the search habits of most people.

When it comes to the actual procedure of setting up an effective canned response platform, there are a few ways of going about it. One of these very effective ways is by following these easy steps:

  • Research the most frequently asked questions regarding your business or service
  • Look at any customer service records that might be available
  • Compose new message responses
  • Save these on the knowledge base platform so that they are easily accessible by all team members
  • Offer training to all employees on how best to effectively use canned responses
  • Pay attention to customer feedback to constantly improve the quality of answers

10 Great Canned Response Chrome Extensions To Consider

The benefits of using canned responses are quite clear. However, to take full advantage of this type of approach to customer service, it is important to know which app to choose from and the many that are available.

1. Klutch

The first app on our list needs no introduction. Klutch is one of the most well-known knowledge management and canned response apps available on the market.

With this app installed, all the important information and knowledge of a company is made easily accessible to all employees all the time. 

Klutch has a particularly good canned responses feature that allows team members to collectively assist each other to create effective canned messages based on each individual’s unique customer experiences.

Once these responses have been created, they are all stored on the same knowledge base platform allowing all team members to access them any time they need to use them or make some changes to improve the content.

The app also makes it very easy to copy messages from the platform and send them to the customer in just a few simple clicks. This saves employees a lot of time that would have otherwise been used up typing long answers, but can now be utilized in serving other customers.

Furthermore, this is highly beneficial for customer support team members who are usually required to deal with multiple customers at the same time.

Klutch can also be linked to the company’s knowledge wiki, which means that the predicted messages can be kept in line with the core values of the company, ensuring that the customers always receive answers that are accurate and beneficial to both the company and the customers.

Team members who are well trained in how best to use this app are among some of the most effective members of any organization. 


  • Keeps the entire team on the same page thanks to real-time collaborations
  • Store a large number of predefined responses
  • Has a great user interface
  • Makes sharing effective responses very easy


  •  A relatively new app that is not yet fully tested

Price: $5 per month

Try Klutch here!

2. Text Blaze

The best feature of this chrome extension is that it allows users to save snippets of responses that have proved to be useful so that they can be inserted into any app that is being used by the business to communicate with their customers. These apps can be social media apps, CRM tools, or regular email.

text blaze

This app saves a lot of hours for its regular users so that they can better invest that time elsewhere. Users can easily save a part of a text message that they feel is likely to be important in future interactions and this saved phrase will be available from anywhere as long as the user has access to chrome.


  • Has a free demo
  • Compatible with a wide range of social media apps
  • Easy to use


  • A bit expensive 

Price: $29.00 per month

3. Briskine

When personalization and great customization features are what users are looking for, then Briskine is the best option. This app can be designed to perfectly fit with various platforms such as Gmail, LinkedIn, Fastmail, and Facebook, among others.

briskine canned response chrome extension

Repetitive pieces of information that regularly appear in customer interactions can be saved and later inserted into various responses when needed. This means team members can respond at a much faster rate than customers can ask questions. 

Briskine also allows users to leave room for inserting the individual names of customers which gives all responses a more personal feel that many customers will really appreciate.


  • Good user interface
  • Gives a unique and personalized feel to responses
  • Fast and responsive platform


  • Not good for start-up companies

Price: $7.00 per month

4. Canned Replies

This extension allows users to effectively manage all canned responses that are within the company’s Gmail platform as well as a host of other sites. Canned Replies was designed mainly for the improvement of the overall productivity of employees. Creating text snippets that are easily accessible has never been easier than when using this app.

canned response chrome extension

As an app mainly designed to work with the Gmail platform, Canned Replies allows users to add a button to the Gmail toolbar which makes it easily accessible when interacting with customers via email. A few clicks will lead users to the required messages in no time at all.


  • Easily accessible from the Gmail platform
  • Improves employee productivity drastically
  • A great system for managing canned responses


  • Mainly designed for email interactions

Price: $15.00 per month

5. Keeping

Companies looking for an exceptional customer support solution that also can effectively manage canned responses should definitely consider Keeping. Team members can use a dedicated Knowledge base platform that is useful to save all the answers from frequently asked questions for quick recall whenever a customer need the same response.

canned response chrome extension keeping

When using Keeping, all it takes is a few clicks to look up the right responses and send them to customers. These customer interactions can even be done via the software’s great mobile app, which has all the same features that are available on the desktop version.


  • Exceptional customer support
  • Great mobile app with all the same useful features
  • Efficient user interface 


  • Limited personalization options

Price: $8.00 per month

6. BombBomb

One thing that sets this app apart from the rest is its ability to handle video messaging with ease. This opens up a whole new dimension of customer service for businesses to exploit.

canned response chrome extension bombomb

By adding this app to their knowledge base platform, team members can interact much more effectively with each other and with customers, meaning that problems can be solved quicker and more effectively than before.

The downside of this great feature is that it will come at a price, with BombBomb being a lot more expensive than similar apps. Businesses will have to take this into consideration before opting for this app.


  • Great video chatting feature
  • Compatible with a wide range of social media apps
  • Relatively easy to use


  • A lot more expensive than other options 

Price: $39.00 per month

7. Typedesk

Typedesk is a knowledge base app that aims to improve customer service by giving team members the ability to create, manage, and translate responses quickly and efficiently. 

canned response chrome extension typedesk

With a load of great features available, organizing, storing, and accessing important information is made very easy, even for team members who are new to the platform. Typedesk is particularly good at managing customer support, and when used correctly, has the potential to improve a company’s reputation immensely.


  • Great customer services capabilities
  • Easy to formulate responses on multiple queries simultaneously
  • A simple setup process that takes very little time to complete


  • Poor formatting capabilities
  • Not easy to install software updates

Pricing: $5 per month

8. Canned Responses Ultimate

Initially designed as an add-on feature to improve productivity on Gmail, Canned Responses Ultimate has evolved into a very effective tool for handling customer communications. When compared to communicating using emails, this app is 10 times faster and a lot more reliable.


There is no limit to the number of canned responses that can be created on this platform, and its organizational features allow easy management of any number of stored files. It allows one-click sharing of canned responses between team members to prevent employees from going over the same things again and again.


  • Reduces repetitive actions among employees
  • Improves employee productivity
  • Very easy to set-up


  • Works best with Gmail only

Price: Not Available

9. Smartsupp

One of the standout features of Smartsupp is the shared inbox platform which makes it easy to combine all the accumulated canned responses in one easy-to-access inbox. All team members can easily log into that inbox whenever they need to use canned responses that were generated by another employee.

Anyone in need of some expert advice on a particular problem needs to simply log in and a teammate will be ready to assist.

The security levels and protocols of Smartsupp are also top of the range because the app is 100% cloud-based. Cloud integrated apps are protected by state-of-the-art, high-level encryption that is designed to keep out internet hackers. This keeps any shared information private and secure. 


  • Ticketing option
  • Multichannel live chat system
  • Real-time calling


  • Difficult to navigate the user interface

Pricing: $15/month

10. Hubspot Wazzup Chat

At those times when customers and team members are constantly switching from one app to another while communicating the same issues, Hubspot makes it easy to effectively share canned responses across different platforms.

Hubspot Chat canned responses

Using this app, employees can bring together all the call logs, emails, and chats regarding the same problem. This means there is no need to go over the same details again because Hubspot keeps everything up to date.


  • High-quality VoIP calling 
  • Real-time live chat
  • Great at managing different platforms


  • The set-up is a bit complicated

Pricing: Free


There is no denying the importance of having a great store of canned responses to dig into whenever customers reach out for support. The advantages are clear in terms of customer feedback and improving the general reputation of any business.

However, all this is possible only with the right app, and Klutch.app has shown itself to be a highly affordable and feature packed chrome extension. Install Klutch Wiki on Chrome now!

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