Klutch for HR Teams: Streamline Your Onboarding Process

by | Sep 23, 2022 | Human Resources, Knowledge Base

When creating an onboarding process, you might struggle to make it a smoother task.

There are many new trends in the HR world, like focusing on employee well-being. Also, ensuring that employees are happy and feel heard will lead to longevity in the company. 

Luckily, you can use apps like Klutch to help you keep up with all of these trends.

Klutch will help you streamline and organize all of your company’s information. This will ensure you can save time on repetitive tasks or questions, so the team is focused on what they should be doing next. 

To learn more about how Klutch can help your HR team with the onboarding process, continue reading below. 

How HR Can Benefit from Klutch

There is a lot of paperwork when HR brings new people into the team, which is why it should all be appropriately recorded. These documents are mandated by the government and your company’s policy, which is why you should ensure that they are safe and put in the right place. 

Klutch is a great program that people can use to help with this situation because you need to remember that if it is not written down, it hasn’t happened in HR. You will always require proof, and it should be readily available. That is where Klutch comes in. 

Faster Onboarding

There are a lot of onboarding difficulties that HR may run into. If the onboarding checklist isn’t completed correctly, you won’t have the right guide to help you achieve the onboarding process.

Also, without a knowledge base, you won’t have anything to give you any data to help you improve the whole process. 

Additionally, you want to ensure that the onboarding experience is personalized for the person.

Every new employee wants to feel that their experience has been made for them and that they are not just another number joining the company. 

Moreover, HR may need to speak with the new employees and meet with them. This can all be done with the knowledge base’s automatic tools.

New employees can automatically schedule meetings, making them feel unique and needed by the company. When they see someone during a meeting, they are more likely to be happy about joining the team

When a new employee is hired, they will need to complete a lot of paperwork, but it should be ready for them to start.

Your state and the federal government will need all this information, so it should be correct the first time. A W-4 or a W-9, a direct deposit form, a state tax withholding form, and an E-Verify system will be needed. 

Everything needs to be in a secure place that can only be accessed by employees and administrators, which is why Klutch has created an organization program that will do that.

All this information can be added to the knowledge base so that the right team members can access and complete it. 

Top Tip: Giving people a physical copy afterward is always good. Even though they will have a digital copy from Klutch, having a physical copy might be needed for their records. 

Management of Standard Operating Procedures for Teams

Operating procedures take a long time to complete, which is why HR should have them streamlined, so they have more time to worry about other matters.

Having a knowledge base where HR can access everything you need to send to employees is perfect because it will be faster than sending a large company email.

HR can share information about holiday schedules, benefits, and other frequently asked questions, so fewer people are on the job completing those tasks individually. 

Also, many different pieces of the onboarding process need to be worked on collaboratively. However, when employees are sitting around waiting for people to reply to an email, this may slow down the process.

Luckily, Klutch is a place where everyone can work together. People can log into the knowledge base and complete the work that needs to be done. 

A file-sharing tool that makes sense will make all the difference because you want to ensure that everything will be passed on quickly and easily.

All the files will be synced, edited, and saved so everyone on the team knows what is there. When your team works together correctly, you will be amazed at how smoothly everything will run in the future. 

HR Documentation of Policies and Company Guidelines

The guidelines for your company should be followed at all times. When you hire a new employee, you risk them being a part of unlawful activities that don’t follow your policies.

That is why they must be written down, looked after, and given to new employees. You want to ensure they know what they should and should not do. 

company rules knowledge base

Some safety rules might be missed if they are not properly kept in a place that forces employees to engage in the paperwork. Klutch has worked to automate the onboarding process, making it easier for HR to create the documents, upload them, and send them to the right employees. 

Your team will know that they have work they need complete when you use the Klutch system. This is another excellent way to cover yourself legally because you will have a digital record that the employee has received all of the policy documentation and that they have read it. 

Lastly, when this information needs to be updated or changed, you want to ensure that it is where HR can do it quickly.

Luckily, with knowledge base apps, people can start document processing sooner. They will be able to create templates so that when anything needs to be changed, they can do it quickly. 

Security of Employee Records

Employee information can become scattered when you have it in many different server files.

However, that means you need to have better security put in place to ensure that no one is stealing the information. The last thing anyone wants is for someone to break in and gather personal data, which will lead to many problems for your staff. 

data security

Klutch has worked tirelessly to create a knowledge base that won’t be compromised. Multiple security measures are implemented because the team understands that you want your information to be secure.

Also, you don’t need to worry about other employees having access to everything in the base. 

Klutch has made it so that you can pick which employee has access to what is on the base. With so much information on the base, you can ensure that employees’ paperwork is only accessed by the right person every time. This form of customization is excellent because you have the power to choose. 

Tracking of Employee Benefits, Leaves, etc.

A company’s benefits should always be handy for HR because you will need to provide this information to the new employee.

Sometimes, current employees may want to read about their benefits, leaves, and more. This may be because they need to see an optometrist, so they want to see if the company will help them with that. 

employee loyalty benefits

Klutch has made it so you can add all this documentation to the system. Any health and insurance plans can be easily updated. You can add many different categories to benefits, like retirement plans.

If you have any employees planning for retirement, then all this information must be kept in the right place so that you can access it quickly. 

Also, you can have templates for all of these different pieces of paperwork, which will help HR change them quickly.

Sometimes, an employee will have information that needs to be added, or they will want their retirement scheme to go to a different company. It is easier to change it when there is a system because no one will need to rush around to do it. 

Additionally, since multiple team members can access everything, you won’t need to email multiple people to get back to you with the correct information. Instead, they can log into the base and complete the required section.

Wrap Up

You must ensure that your team has everything they need when streamlining the onboarding process. There is a lot of different information that HR will need to collect, which usually takes a lot of time.

Still, that time can be cut in half when you’ve ensured that all the paperwork is easily accessible, quick to edit, and protected from peering eyes. 

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There are many reasons why Klutch is one of the best programs businesses can use. Its primary focus is a real-time collaboration among team members, so everyone can prepare and manage a document. This will help teams have a better rapport when they are working together. 

Also, the program allows teams to have customization over their organization, which is vital. Every team must ensure that their company pages and documents are correctly labeled, organized, and stored to utilize all the information.

Lastly, Klutch was made to ensure that companies have the onboarding process they want, so every new team member is happy to start their unique journey. Klutch is free to use, so make sure you make the most of your experience!

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