Papyrs Alternatives You Should Know Before Choosing Your Team Wiki

by | Jan 27, 2022 | Knowledge Base, Knowledge Management

Papyrs is one of the most straightforward and most accessible software packages that you are ever going to use. It has an intuitive interface that allows you to build intranets efficiently without needing a technical team. 

There are effortless integrations with Google for Business and Microsoft, making it great if you already use those platforms. You can also customize the dashboard to your taste or your team’s requirements. 

Setting up the personality page is relatively easy and can be completed within a few minutes, depending on the customization you wish to achieve.

On the downside, sometimes things can get confusing and cluttered if your team places documents incorrectly. A somewhat challenging learning curve is required, so be prepared to educate yourself on the application while using it. 

Another thing about Papyrs is the pricing. The software retails at $20 per month per user and requires an annual commitment—however, it’s good to note that this application offers adequate tools for your company’s team wiki requirements.

Due to the high software pricing, it’s not a wonder you are searching for Papyrs alternatives for your enterprise’s needs. Luckily, that is why this article was created. Below, we share some of our favorite alternatives to Papyrs and break down each one to assist with your decision-making process.


Klutch is a knowledge base software that allows for information sharing and more accessible communication between employees who need to stay updated with their company. It has an excellent ability to add users and allows your staff to edit their respective pages with real-time collaboration. 

Even better is that you don’t need any web development experience to operate Klutch. You can use customizable templates or create everything from scratch. 

Here are some of the major things you can do to document your team knowledge:

Klutch Responses

This response database would give you direct access to default communication statements for better customer engagement and assistance. Using Klutch to maintain such information helps you stop repeating yourself to customers and manually typing them from time to time.

Klutch Pages

With Klutch, you can create long-form pages that contain relevant and confidential company information that is meant to be shared across departments.

When it comes to sales, using Klutch gives you the ability to store canned responses so your sales representatives are well-equipped with the right information anytime, anywhere, even on mobile.

Keeping your team on one page is essential in the success of your business. It paves the way for a more sensible organization that provides better knowledge management, productivity, employee efficiency, and value.

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Lessonly, by Seismic, is an enablement solution that can help teams achieve simple training, coaching, and effective feedback. The goal of the software is to continuously improve the way your employees deliver work through its intuitive workflow. 

Over 3 million learners at 1,300 leading organizations, including U.S Cellular, Josten, and Scholastic, reinforce best practices, develop skills, and share knowledge with Lessonly. This results in more deals closed, superior customer support, and higher NPS scores.

Its interface is easy to learn, and there are no navigational issues concerning keyboard shortcuts or mouse use. The dashboard is uncluttered and is perfect for those who prefer a more minimalistic approach to team wiki management.

Suppose you are wondering about pricing; you need to contact Lessonly for a custom quote per your company’s requirement. Overall, this application is excellent for all company sizes as it provides a solution to create and manage your team wiki.


With Slite, your team has one place to share ideas, collect information, and stay connected across space and time. You can quickly spread your documents across your employees so that they can soon catch up on what they have been missing and provide you with the feedback you require.

It’s trusted by thousands of remote and flexible teams worldwide because of its user-friendly design plus ease of use. If you have a small to medium-sized company that needs a more innovative solution to share and organize content, you have to use Slite. 

There is a free version of the software available so that you can try it out before purchasing monthly subscriptions. What’s great about the cloud-based service is that it can operate from a range of different devices such as Android, Mac, Google, or Windows-based operating systems.  

It allows you to create forums or discussions where staff can “meet up” and discuss work topics in real-time. The ability to perform all these tasks under one application for only $7 per month is nothing short of a great deal. 

If you have a small to mid-size company that requires content sharing and media management, using Slite may be the best thing for you.

Jira Software

This software package is a unique business process management tool used by busy teams to release, track, and plan software. Jira Software supports Kanban and Scrum to provide you with a unique hybrid model workflow. All your tasks can be managed seamlessly with Jira because you can create a roadmap for your team’s projects.

The Jira software dashboard includes a drag and drop interface that lets employees view every detail. Let Jira help you distribute tasks, create user stories/issues, and plan sprints to increase your company’s productivity.

You also access information from hundreds of business apps from source code, monitoring tools, and productivity extensions.

What’s great about this software is that it can be used on various platforms, including Android and iOS devices. Tons of online knowledge can help you learn how the system works, plus the company has a dedicated live chat portal if you have any problems with the service.

With a monthly subscription cost of $7 per month for 11 to 10,000 users, this is a worthwhile package if you want to manage all the finer details of your company.


If you are looking for an easy way to share knowledge and collaborate with your team, Nuclino offers the perfect solutions. You can connect instantly with staff, just like a wiki, and create real-time collaborative documents.

A great thing about Nuclino is that it has a low-price tag for all the fantastic features it offers. The application is updated regularly, and the team listens to the community’s suggestions regarding product improvements. 

You may want to see if this product fits your requirement, and rightfully so. Nucleo offers a free version with numerous features to help you get the job done. You get additional collaboration and organizational elements by upgrading to the advanced package for $10 per month.

Some notable features of Nuclino include WYSIWYG collaborative real-time editing and a visual representation of your employee’s knowledge in a graph. It is fantastic for decisions, document creation, product requirements, meeting notes, and much more.


Tettra is an excellent simple wiki application developed for your team to organize and share the knowledge required to get the job done right. It was built to easily share and connect with any team member, plus increase staff communications and productivity. Keep reading if you want to learn about something easy to use, well priced, and perfect for wiki management.

You are going to find multiple integrations, including GitHub, G Suite, Zapier, and more. Teams of up to five users get Tettra software solutions for $0.00 per month, whereas 10 users are charged $99 monthly. If you have more than 10 staff members, you need to spend an extra $8 per member, but we still think it’s well worth it.

The interface is intuitive, modern in design, and the dashboard layout makes complete sense. Your team’s collaborative efforts can be managed through Tettra and are directly linked to sharing documents on Slack.

If you like options, customizing the dashboard allows you to personalize things to your taste.

Tettra lets you build your business’s brain into a single location where a person would have to use complex management software in the past.

Please be aware that this minimalistic software fails to deliver additional folder spaces. You can overcome this problem by creating different folders and numerically arranging them so that you can track the progress of a lengthy project. 

Overall, this is an excellent solution if you are looking for a Papyrs alternative for managing your team wiki. 

Why Should You Consider a Papyrs Alternative?

Due to the high price of Papyrs per month, it can be an expensive option for large teams that need to manage or create a wiki. The other Papyrs alternatives on this list are way more cost-effective and offer more accessibility options than the latter.

If you factor in that the cost of Papyrs is $20 per month, it amounts to $240 per year, which may not be the most affordable for some small or medium businesses. Even though it has some unique features plus pairs with Slack seamlessly, there are still cheaper, more efficient solutions out there.

Solutions like Jira can help you achieve your desired results and more when collaborating with your team. This software is packed with features and has a monthly subscription of only $7 for up to 10,000 users. Imagine the progress you and your team can make when using a solution like the one mentioned above.

On the other hand, it’s not that Papyrs is a lousy product because thousands of businesses worldwide trust it to manage their team wiki. The problem is that there should be a better pricing structure for small and medium-sized enterprises.


A team wiki is crucial for your company staff requiring information on the go. Incorporating a team wiki into your knowledge base can significantly improve your staff’s productivity, performance, and intellect while performing tasks.

Using a Papyrs alternative can help you create and manage various tasks, including project management, knowledge base support, and team monitoring. With the things you can achieve with Papyrs alternative like Klutch, it’s time to take control of your business and deploy a service to manage your team wiki requirements.

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