Chaty Pro Review: Is It the Right Chat App for You?

by | Oct 30, 2023 | Support

In today’s era of online shopping, selecting the right chat app for your website can be a vital decision that can either drive your success or hinder your growth. A powerful chat app can transform your customer support, reduce cart abandonment, boost conversion rates, and streamline your support operations. On the other hand, making the wrong choice might result in missed sales opportunities and customer frustration.

Amid the countless options available, finding a perfect fit can indeed be a daunting task. That’s where this article steps in. In this article, we introduce you to Chaty Pro, a feature-rich WordPress chat plugin designed to improve customer engagement for your business. We’ll explore its key features, pricing plans and share an installation guide to provide you with the information you need to make a well-informed decision.

Chaty Overview

Before discussing its suitability for your business, let’s take a closer look at what Chaty is.

Chaty is a user friendly and easy to install chat button that enables you offer your customers and website visitors multiple social media and communication channels to engage with you. These channels include WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, TikTok, Slack, WeChat, LinkedIn, X, Viber, Discord, Microsoft Teams, Waze, Vkontakte, SMS, Telegram, Skype, Line and more.  Chaty Pro Chat button What truly sets Chaty apart  from other apps are its remarkable features, such as the unlimited channels, multiple agents access, customization options, smooth integration with renowned platforms (Wix, Shopify, Facebook etc), WhatsApp preset tags, country-based targeting, and seamless integration with Google Analytics for in-depth insights.

Chaty’s Reputation and Key Features

With a remarkable track record of over 200,000 websites worldwide currently benefiting from Chaty and an impressive 1,000+ 5-star ratings, Chaty’s reputation speaks volumes about its suitability for businesses like yours. Let’s explore the key features that make Chaty a powerful tool for customer engagement and support:

  • Multiple Chat Channels: Chaty takes your customer interaction to the next level. You can create chat buttons that connect customers with your business across a variety of social media apps and messaging platforms, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, TikTok, Slack, WeChat, LinkedIn, and more. These multiple options enables your customers to engage with you on their preferred platforms.

Chaty Pro chat buttons

  • Multiple Widgets: You have the flexibility to create multiple widgets for different devices, each tailored with its own selection of channels and call-to-action buttons.
  • Widget Customization: Chaty offers extensive customization options, allowing you to fine-tune the chat widget’s appearance to align with your brand. This encompasses colors, icons, fonts, and other design elements.
  • WhatsApp Pre-set Message: With Chaty you can improve your customer support by adding a pre-set message or tag to the visitor’s message when they click the WhatsApp chat button. This feature helps identify the page the visitor visited right before clicking the button and allows you to easily provide better assistance.
  • Triggers: Activate the chat widget based on various triggers, such as exit intent, time spent on the page, or user scrolling behavior, ensuring timely engagement.
  • Traffic Source Targeting: Strategically display the widget to visitors from specific traffic sources, including social media and search engines, improving your audience targeting.
  • Country Targeting: Tailor the chat widget’s display to specific countries, ensuring it reaches the right audience for your business.
  • Contact Form: Simplify the process of gathering visitor information such as names, email addresses, phone numbers by adding a contact form to the widget.

Chaty Pro Contact form

  • Page Targeting: This allows you to choose to display or hide the widget on specific web pages using conditions such as “contains,” “starts with,” “ends with,” and “exact match.” This level of control ensures you can engage with your audience effectively.
  • Custom Chat Channels: Expand your communication options by adding custom channels in addition to default ones. For instance, you can introduce your personal website as a new custom channel.
  • Multiple Agent Contact Options: Enhance customer support by providing multiple agent contact options within a support channel.
  • Date Scheduling: Schedule the chat widget to appear on specific dates i.e a marketing campaign launch.
  • Google Analytics Integration: Monitor the performance of your chat channels by tracking clicks through Google Analytics events.
  • Platform Integration: Seamlessly connect Chaty to your favorite platforms like Shopify, Ecwid, Wix, Chatway, and Square to Chaty without any hassle, streamlining your workflow.


Pricing Plans

Chaty’s pricing structure caters to businesses of diverse sizes and needs, offering a variety of plans:

  1. Free Plan:

Access Chaty for free, with some limitations on chat widgets and customization options.

Here are some of the things you can do on the free plan:

  • Unlimited channels
  • Contact Us form
  • Basic widget customization
  • Channels customization
  • Display triggers
  • Attention effects like bounce, waggle, sheen, spin, fade, shockwave, blink, and pulse
  • Page targeting, and more

One exciting aspect of Chaty is its consideration for budget-conscious businesses. The free plan provides essential features such as “Unlimited channels” at no cost. However, for more advanced features, we recommend Chaty Pro.

2. Chaty Pro Plans:

  • Basic: $49/year
  • Plus: $109/year
  • Agency: $179/year

Chaty pricing

In addition to all the features available in the free plan Chaty Pro Plan offers:

  • Chat view customization: Create personalized chat pop-ups using merge tags such as page title, URL, and WooCommerce tags, seamlessly integrated with WooCommerce to enhance the user experience on your website.
  • Chat Agents: Add multiple agents within a single channel for efficient customer query delegation, enabling visitors to connect with the right person instantly.
  • Tailor the chat button widget color to your preference using HEX codes.
  • Adjust the chat button’s on-screen position to any location that suits you.
  • Control the chat widget’s visibility using targeting rules, such as specific links, homepage, links containing specific strings, links starting or ending with particular strings, WordPress posts, pages, categories, tags, WooCommerce products, or WooCommerce products on sale. For WooCommerce, you can target specific products or products on sale using properties like the product name.
  • Create multiple chat widgets and display them on specific pages and categories based on page targeting rules.
  • Traffic source targeting: Display chat channels solely to visitors arriving from specific traffic sources, such as direct traffic, social networks, search engines, Google Ads, and other sources.
  • Widget Analytics: Obtain data on your most frequently used chat channels and discover which of your chat widgets are more effective in conversion.
  • Create preset WhatsApp chat messages and email subject lines. When users click your WhatsApp button or email icon, your preset message will be automatically loaded.
  • Title and URL tags for WhatsApp preset messages: You can incorporate title and URL tags from the visitor’s current page into the WhatsApp preset message.
  • Trigger a Google Analytics event each time one of your channel buttons is clicked, allowing you to track chat button usage through Google Analytics.
  • Available days and hours: Display the widget on specific days and hours in alignment with your business’s opening schedule.
  • Country targeting: Display different chat buttons to users from different countries.
  • Custom CSS to further customize the appearance and behavior of the chat widget.


Guide for Installing Chaty on Your WordPress Website

To install Chaty on your WordPress site, you can follow the steps below

  • Begin by logging in to your WordPress account.
  • Access the ‘Plugins’ section and add Chaty to your list of plugins. Then, proceed to install and activate it.
  • After activation, click on the ‘Create New Widget’ option.
  • Choose the desired communication channels and adjust them to align with your preferences.
  • Continue the customization of the widget, and ensure the activation of your widget triggers and target rules.
  • Upon completing these steps, remember to save the widget. Additionally, make sure to activate the widget to display it on your website.

Alternatively, refer to the video tutorial below

By following these instructions, your Chaty widget should be fully operational on your WordPress website.

Wrapping Things Up

When it comes to selecting a chat app for your business, it’s important to align your choice with your unique needs and requirements. Chaty offers lots of benefits that can significantly transform customer engagement for your business. By carefully evaluating these benefits in the context of your business’s specific demands and available resources, you’ll be better equipped to make an informed decision on whether Chaty Pro is the ideal chat app for your business website.

A Friendly Reminder: Steer clear of cracked, nulled, or GPL versions of Chaty Pro. Engaging with these unauthorized versions can result in legal complications, lack of support, missing updates, and potential risks to your data and system. Your best course of action is to prioritize security by selecting legitimate, licensed software that guarantees the safety of your system. Ensure your peace of mind by installing the official WordPress plugin here.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Cracked Chaty Pro

Cracked software is a term for unauthorized, often changed copies of the original app. Here’s why you should steer clear of them:

  • Legal Issues: Cracked software often involves illegal activities. Distributing or using cracked software infringes on intellectual property rights and copyright laws. If caught, individuals or businesses could face legal consequences, including fines and lawsuits.
  • Lack of Support: Cracked software doesn’t come with official customer support or assistance from the developers. When issues or questions arise, users are left without access to reliable help, making problem-solving difficult.
  • No Updates: Legitimate software regularly receives updates, including essential security patches. Cracked versions typically lack these updates, leaving your system vulnerable to potential threats and exploits.
  • Anonymous Sources: Cracked software is often distributed through anonymous channels or websites, making it challenging to identify the source or hold anyone accountable if issues arise. This lack of accountability can be problematic in case of problems or disputes.
  • Inadequate Security Measures: Websites offering cracked software often lack standard security measures. Using such websites may expose you to security risks, potentially leading to the theft of personal data.
  • Potential for Malicious Activities: Some cracked software may come bundled with malicious code, enabling activities such as Bitcoin mining or ransomware attacks. These malicious activities can have severe consequences for your system and data.

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