10 Best Practices To Implement On Your Corporate Wiki

by | Feb 6, 2024 | Knowledge Base, Knowledge Management

Your company requires a corporate wiki or knowledge base to run effectively. Both employees and your customers can use it to find answers to questions without contacting support staff. That frees up time plus gives your employees or clients access to vital information when they need it the most. 

With businesses growing at an unprecedented pace plus going more agile and mean, the need for managing knowledge is increasing. Maintaining records of progress, sharing knowledge, and establishing workflows are crucial in this day and age. 

New staff must get up to date quicker than ever if start-ups want to survive this cutthroat, competitive landscape. One of the best solutions for this is setting up a corporate wiki for your company!

It allows you to create a knowledge base that lets you store your company information in a central location so that onboard and new employees can get the information they need to do their job efficiently. 

This article will show you what a corporate wiki is and how it can help your business.

What is a Corporate Wiki?

A team wiki software acts as a central source of knowledge for your company and can be created collaboratively by users from different departments in your company.

All your company’s information and knowledge can be shared and maintained through a corporate wiki (also known as a private or internal wiki.) It is a central repository where employees can store business documentation such as checklists, project information, shared logins, common workflows, company policies, how-to guides, processes, and much more.


You can think of a corporate wiki as a Wikipedia specifically designed for your company. 

What is impressive about using a corporate wiki is that your data is centrally located, but one of the most outstanding features is intelligent searching for the information you require. Anyone in your company can quickly find answers to their queries without disturbing any co-workers.

It reduces the shoulder tapping that results in a wastage of time and makes your employees more proactive. Without waiting a moment longer, it is time to move on to some of the best reasons to use a corporate wiki for your company.

User-Friendly Interface

One great thing about using a corporate wiki for your company’s knowledge base is that the user interface is intuitive and has a slight learning curve. It will take your staff a few minutes to understand how the system works because of the user-friendly dashboard of most corporate wikis. 

Smart Search Functionality with Tags and Keywords

Tags and keywords are a great way to group content into relatable topics, making things easier to find. If you are searching “how to create an invoice,” it may be tied to “finding product codes,” and both could be tagged under the keyword “sales.”

Using keywords and tags makes it easier for staff to find the information they require when they require it. 

Mobile Friendly

What’s fantastic about a corporate wiki is that it can be accessed via a mobile device, making it great for staff on the move looking for the knowledge stored in the database.

Real-Time Collaboration and Editing

Knowledge management software allows employees to edit or add information to the database quickly and easily. It can also let teams collaborate and improve their ability to transfer and share knowledge. Collaboration is crucial for employees who share documents and information that constantly require updating.

Up-to-Date Content

The best thing about using a corporate wiki for your company is keeping content updated. A best practice is to include routine updates to process or schedule changes in the work environment. 

You can employ a single individual to manage your knowledge base if you are in the position to do so.

Integration with Other Collaboration Tools and Software

Connecting your corporate wiki with Slack or other software or remote collaboration tools is the perfect way for your team to work together flawlessly. A Slack wiki and knowledge base can help you maintain a business that thrives off team collaboration. 

Real-time collaboration is a must for any corporate wiki as it allows co-workers to edit a document simultaneously. Most team wikis have a built-in chat system or in-line commenting that enables staff to communicate.

Privacy and Security

It’s vital to ensure your corporate wiki is secure and private as it most likely contains sensitive company information. You need to provide access control to your wiki by utilizing a unique and robust password. 

Most corporate wikis include features such as document expiration, document tracking, password protection, and more. These features are crucial for any team wiki as shielding your company information from strangers is crucial.

Well-Organized Data and Responses

The ability to organize data makes using a knowledge base in a central location practical. If the knowledge is scattered throughout various digital locations, employees may spend more time searching for answers.

You can store essential company policies and responses in a well-organized database with a team wiki. Hierarchical folders organize and store corporate wiki data, making it excellent for gathering information in a centralized knowledge base.

It speeds up processing speeds and allows staff to communicate with each other effectively. 

Interlinking of Documents for Ease of Use

A corporate wiki makes sharing knowledge simpler because you can interlink information around different business areas. Everything can work how you want, and it helps employees learn more about the process they are exploring.

Efficient Content Management Analytics

Your company’s digital assets such as media content, files, PDFs, videos, and logos can be stored on an excellent corporate wiki. A team wiki can genuinely bring all company data under one roof if it integrates with other major cloud storage platforms like Dropbox Business or Google Drive.


Corporate wikis are excellent for sharing, storing, and making it easy to transfer knowledge. With tools like Klutch, maintaining and creating a corporate wiki becomes 100 times simpler!

If your business does not use a corporate wiki to manage its knowledge base, we suggest you check it out.

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