Break Out of Silos With These P2 Alternatives

by | Dec 6, 2021 | Knowledge Base, Knowledge Management

Running a company is not an easy job. You have to manage your teams and make sure each person meets their goals. Additionally, you should guarantee your business grows the way you want it to. On some occasions, you might need to use technology to help you achieve everything you want. 

To make things easier, you could use software to help you organize your information. Breaking out of silos is not easy, and you need technology to help you in the process, which is why P2 exists. It’s a platform you can use to manage your teams in a shared workspace. 

Even so, there are different P2 alternatives, and you should evaluate all your options before deciding. Read on to know more.

1. Klutch

Klutch is a knowledge base software that’s perfect for companies in need of a simple yet efficient knowledge management platform. You can organize your company knowledge with so much ease, plus, you can add/edit details with your team members. In just one user-friendly platform, you get to keep safe your important files, relevant for onboarding, sales, customer support, and more.

Here are some things you can do with Klutch:

Klutch Responses

Document canned responses and add default communication statements for easy assistance when responding to business partners and clients. This saves you from typing repetitive answers when trying to address concerns.

Klutch Pages

Create long-form pages to safely keep confidential information and relevant details about employees, brands, learning materials, contracts, and many others. This allows your team members to access knowledge whenever they need it.


  • Real-time collaboration
  • Template library
  • Flexible permissions
  • Sensible organizations
  • Mobile-responsive
  • Remote access and support
  • Easy access to information: categories, tags, permissions, and more


  • Helps in onboarding employees
  • Provides ready-made templates
  • Drive productivity and teamwork
  • Interface to draft a large amount of canned responses
  • Affordable


  • It’s still a new app, but it has all the relevant features to be successful in setting up your company knowledge base.


You can use Klutch and get access to its powerful features, easy UI, and other tools starting at $4 a month. Check our pricing page for more information.

Try Klutch today!


2. Tettra

If you’re looking for online collaboration tools that are perfect for project management, Tettra might be a solid option, especially if you want something easy to set up. 

Tettra is a product of Wiki, and it works with teams using Slack. It helps you and your team organize all your knowledge and information. 

All growing teams can take advantage of Tettra’s features, particularly Human Resources, Operations, Engineering, Support, and Success teams. Among all P2 alternatives, this program is particularly effective since it lets you enhance workflow efficiency. Here are some of its features: 

  • An editor that’s easy to use 
  • Support for markdowns 
  • Slack integrations, including notifications and other similar features 
  • Linking with internal pages 
  • Automatized content page 

You can get Tettra’s Growing plan by paying $50 per month, and the Scaling and Sustaining options are $150 and $300, respectively. However, you can try the program without paying for anything because it offers a free trial. Therefore, you could determine if it’s convenient for you or not. 

When you use Tettra, you get reliable online collaboration tools many people love, especially when they work with small teams. It offers everything you might need to make sure you can effectively organize your information and knowledge. Nonetheless, it has some cons as well, so check out both its advantages and disadvantages: 


  • It’s extremely easy to use 
  • You can set it up in very little time because its settings are simple 
  • The free version offers several integration options as well 
  • If you pay, you get good extra features, such as API 


  • Some people say Tettra is just too simple for them

3. Obie (now Lessonly)

Lessonly is known for being one of the best knowledge base software you can use to organize your work information. All you need to do is to rely on the program to connect all your documents in a single base, and it only takes a few seconds. 

In summer 2021, Lessonly acquired Obie and changed its name to Lessonly Knowledge, but it still offers incredible features to organize your knowledge base. It’s a straightforward platform, and you can integrate it to Slack, and add it to any channel you have there. 

Formerly Obie, Lessonly Knowledge takes pride in being a very intuitive platform to build a base of knowledge. Therefore, you should never worry about not understanding how it works. It can be your best friend when you want to organize your team’s information since it’s specifically designed for companies of all sizes. Take a look at some of its main features: 

  • More than 16 knowledge integrations 
  • Options to capture a Frequently Asked Questions library 
  • Automatized issue solving 
  • Guaranteed privacy and security in everything you do 

Even though Obie has a different name now, it’s still one of the best software you could use for your company, regardless of how many people you have in your team. At the same time, you can get it for $59 a month, and take advantage of the free trial to test all its features. However, it has some cons you should keep in mind: 


  • It’s very easy to use 
  • It’s useful for small, medium, and large companies 
  • You can use it to share knowledge with your teams 


  • It’s still under development, which is why some people say it lacks some features 
  • The visual design is not as appealing as other programs’ 

4. JetBrains

Finding P2 alternatives to make your teams thrive is not an easy task, especially if you want something that helps you with different processes. Some options might simply not offer everything you’re looking for. However, JetBrains is particularly helpful in that regard since it includes six different software products. 

With JetBrains, you can get ReSharper, YouTrack, PyCharm, Intellij IDEA, RubyMine, and TeamCity. Each software can aid you in various processes, and they’re all destined for businesses of different sizes. 

To find out which software you need, take a look at each of their features. They’re all different, so you have to consider them separately before deciding. 


  • It’s ideal for productivity and coding 
  • You can use it to refactor, run tests, and more 
  • It’s perfect to analyze, fix, and generate codes 
  • Its pricing starts at $19.90 per user, per month 
  • Made for medium and large businesses 


  • Perfect for small, medium, or large businesses 
  • Pricing starts at $20 per month 
  • It’s a project management solution 
  • You can use it to plan projects, integrate emails, track bugs, and more 


  • It’s a development tool platform 
  • Its pricing starts at $99 per license 
  • Cloud-based 
  • Ideal for businesses of all sizes 

Intellij IDEA 

  • It’s a JAVA development platform 
  • Perfect for small to medium businesses 
  • You can use it for advanced refactoring, code analysis and completion, and more 
  • Pricing starts at $149 per year 

RubyMine 4-5 

  • Designed for medium and large businesses 
  • Prices start at $69 per license 
  • It’s cloud-based 
  • Works as a development tool platform program 


  • Integration software 
  • Ideal for medium and large businesses 
  • Prices start at $299 per license 
  • Incredibly useful and convenient 

JetBrains definitely has a number of options you can choose from. Regardless of the size of your business, you can probably find something that works for your knowledge base. Nonetheless, take a look at its pros and cons before choosing: 


  • It has many different alternatives, and you can choose the one that fits your needs the best 
  • It helps you enhance your teams’ productivity 
  • You can use it to automate common tasks 
  • With it, you can help your workers focus on the big picture while the program automates the simple to-do’s  


  • It can be costly compared to other options 
  • You get so many features; it might be difficult to get used to it 

5. Kipwise

You can easily build your company’s base of knowledge with Kipwise. All you need to do is to start adding your information, and the program makes sure it’s always up to date with your project management goals.  

Kipwise is a knowledge base software designed for Slack teams, especially if they want to enhance the management flow of their knowledge. Therefore, it might be the ideal alternative for you, particularly to quickly onboard new hires, reduce your team’s repeated questions, and ensure everyone efficiently completes their tasks. Check out the software’s features: 

  • It’s a powerful Slack integration 
  • You can integrate it with Google Drive, Airtable, Trello, and more 
  • Includes a built-in process to review your content 
  • You get collaborative editing with real-time outcomes 
  • Ideal to categorize and organize information 

Using Kipwise is a great idea if you run a company of any size. It can be a start-up or an enterprise – it doesn’t matter! Its integrations are useful regardless of how many people you’re managing, and you can get it at $25.50 per month. Here are the program’s pros and cons: 


  • It’s easy to use 
  • You can explore the software using Slack or the browser extension 
  • Collaborating is very easy since it lets people make group notes 
  • Fantastic customer support team 


  • The dashboard is not customizable 
  • Some customers have said the formatting needs improvements 
  • Does not offer a free version 

6. Confluence

Many people say Confluence is the platform everyone has been waiting for. It offers unique online collaboration tools, and it’s a fantastic option for project management, integration, and documentation.

Confluence is an open-source software you can use to set goals and objectives, track methods and strategies, and identify essential resources. Additionally, you can do all of that while the program is completely transparent, and shows you all the information you need. 

You can get Confluence for free if you’re only using it for 10 people, but you could also pay for other plans. The Standard one is around $50 per month, and the premium is $100 monthly. If you want to pay for the Enterprise plan, you have to contact the Confluence staff. Take a look at the program’s features: 

  • Documentation tools 
  • It’s a collaborative platform for businesses of all sizes 
  • You can use it to create and organize pages and content 
  • Ideal if you want to make sure all your team can have access to the same information 

Even though Confluence offers wonderful advantages, it also has some cons you should evaluate before choosing it as your company’s collaboration platform. Here are all pros and cons: 


  • It’s easy to use 
  • Creating and sharing documents is a very straightforward process 
  • It includes many different features 


  • The full-text search has some issues 
  • The layout can be confusing 


Now that you know about several P2 alternatives, compare all your options and choose the one that fits your company’s needs!

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